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What drives you to play?

What would you do if you were ineligible to play in sanctioned events?

What if the payoff was working for WotC?

Bituminous Blast

The Best Deck

A selection of Magic cards

Maybe the best deck is in here somewhere...

You hear it all the time, people talking about what the best deck in a given format is.  It's Faeries.  It's Jund.  It's Thopter Depths.  It's U/G Goyf.  It's Affinity.  It's Vengevine Survival.  It's this and that and every format tends to have one or two decks that rise to the top and get called the 'best deck'.  It's the deck the best players in your area want to play at the PTQ to win and get the blue envelope.  It's the deck the pros talk about on ChannelFireball and StarCityGames and TCGPlayer, either telling you how they would have built and played the best deck three weeks ago, or what decks they're brewing to beat the best deck consistently.  It's the deck MTGSalvation forum posters hate because it's a netdeck and they think that netdecking is stripping all the creativity out of the game while they 2-2 their FNMs with their all Rebecca Guay deck.  (more…)

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