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Weekend Windfall – 1/18/13 – Ten Thousand Hours

Each Friday afternoon, Still Had All These gets you ready for your Magic weekend by looking back at the past seven days of topdecks, mises, misplays, and whatever cards might possibly be more clumsily written than Glaring Spotlight!

Glaring Spotlight from Gatecrash


I Hope That God Decides To Talk Through Him

We start things off a little more serious this week as on Monday, we learned of the passing of Itaru Ishida. (more…)

Arc Trail from Scars of Mirrodin

The Trail of Flame

There's been an interesting trend in decks lately, between Travis Woo's Green Summer, Cedric Phillips's Bant Pod, and Kurt Crane's G/W Wave, along with some of the G/R aggro decks floating around...

Quirion Dryad, M13, Art by Todd Lockwood

Sorry, Your Pet Deck is Bad


I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been stalling for time until Tomoharu Saito's suspension ended.
I need to get in the habit or writing regularly again, even if I hate my writing (which I do far more than is reasonable). Also, there's a card a lot of people love that's back in Magic 2013 that is getting a fair amount of press, and I don't get it.

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