I don't have a Gavin Verhey-esque allegory to describe how I feel about Magic right now. (On a side note, if you haven't check out some of Gavin's allegories on Star City Games, you should do so right now.) In fact, I'm likely just on game tilt after my *stellar* performance at Nationals:

  • Lost the U/W Control mirror
  • Lost the U/W Control mirror again
  • Lost to Valakut
  • Lost to Valakut
  • Dropped to get draft sets
  • Was only given one draft set, even though there is no day 2 cut
  • Asked to speak to the TO about this situation, was refused
  • Refused my draft set and left the main TCG hall, never to return that weekend

Pretty sweet, huh? Of the 372 people that registered for Nationals, I finished...

364 Dykes, James 0 47.9167%

I'm not even bad enough to be worst! So I was done with Magic for the weekend (and probably for a while, until Innistrad sealed PTQs at the very earliest). Instead, I went over to hand with my roommate Dan Hanson over at the World of Warcraft TCG room. I had played the WoWTCG once before, at PAX last year, and I enjoyed the game. And GenCon weekend, they had one of their bigger open tournaments, Darkmoon Faire Indianapolis. Being sealed deck, I figured I'd give it a shot. It actually couldn't go any worse than Nationals, could it?