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What drives you to play?

What would you do if you were ineligible to play in sanctioned events?

What if the payoff was working for WotC?

Spinelli Black – Review by "TPup"

Spinelli Black
by Tony "TPup" Pagliocco

With the extended season in full swing and nearing the end, we get to see a lot of interesting decks that have come out and have been showing positive results even though they are not listed as "Tier 1" decks. Some examples of decks that performed well at GP Oakland and other PTQs, while they didn't make t8 at Oakland, they did very well in their respective events. Some examples are:

Drafting with Dwayne pt2

Ok all, here are the match results of the first draft recorded.

Drafting With Dwayne Pt1

Ok, here is my first video recording of Zen Draft, because James is too weak to man up and draft it. (Ok, it's a pretty bad format...)

Attempt #1 at recording video from my PC, tell me what you think!

Looking back there were quite a few mistakes, in both playing and in drafting.  There were points in the draft I could have slipped into green or blue and had quite a few more allies.  As well, picking Stonework Puma over Hideous End was likely very wrong, as the deck turned out in the end. Part 1 is the draft, and is included below. Part 2 will be coming up soon, with videos of the matches.

Videos after the jump.

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