RENTON, WA (BusinessWire) -- The trading card game (TCG) Magic: The Gathering will be returning to one of its most popular settings later this month, where it will feature the long-awaited return of the You Make The Card promotion. Return to Ravnica brings players back to the city-plane of Ravnica, where the ten guilds vie for power and control of the plane, despite being dissolved at the end of Dissension, the last set in the original Ravnica block. When players open their Return to Ravnica booster packs, available at retailers worldwide, they'll have a chance to see a card designed by the player base for the first time since the card Vanish Into Memory in the Coldsnap expansion.

Search the City from Return to Ravnica

The finished You Make The Card

"We're very excited about how this card turned out," head designer Mark Rosewater explained. "It's not often we can get out to the community and work with them to create a card so flavorful and fun. It feels even better when we can get that card to print. I can't wait to see our players open the card they helped design at Return to Ravnica prerelease events and Launch Parties."

While previous You Make The Card promotions worked closely with the official Magic: The Gathering website, Wizards of the Coast decided to work with the highly active and passionate card creation community at MTG Salvation exclusively for this promotion. Forum members were given choices on card color, type and subtype, cost, art, and how many absurd sentences they could string together and fit into a text box. The winning entry received an artists' proof of the card and automatic entry into The Great Designer Search 3, coming in 2014.

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