There's been an interesting trend in decks lately, between Travis Woo's Green Summer, Cedric Phillips's Bant Pod, and Kurt Crane's G/W Wave, along with some of the G/R aggro decks floating around...

These decks are somewhat similar in their total lack of fear in playing large numbers of accelerants in the 1 and 3 drop slot. Fearless in the face of a TON of board sweepers that are as cheap as the spells they're playing. Whipflare, Slagstorm, Bonfire of the Damned; none of these scare our ramping opponents. Maybe you shouldn't be scared. Maybe you should just look on by while some of us walk the trail of flame.

Arc Trail from Scars of Mirrodin

Fill the elves with doom...

Arc Trail is a card that seems rather powerful in the metagame as it exists now. While obviously a powerful tool against the rampy, elf-laden decks above, it also helps control threats against G/R Aggro, can buy you a couple turns against B/R Zombies, and isn't totally embarrassing against Delver. (To be fair, it's not particularly great against Delver, and that's its weakest non-control matchup.) Against the ramp decks, Arc Trail is Rain of Salt for 1R, a backbreaking play that can turn a good hand for Ramp into a miserably clunky do-nothing.

Many R/G Aggro decks have been sporting multiple Arc Trails in the sideboard, but as the metagame shifts towards these ramp decks that seem to have a good game against the various Delver builds, Arc Trail begins to make more and more sense in the maindeck. But what if there's another path we can take? Something less aggressive. Something more controlling. Can we go over the top?

This is a very rough draft, but you get the idea. You want to sweep early creatures with Arc Trail, Galvanic Blast, and Slagstorm. Get a Shrine of Burning Rage down along with your acceleration. Then Kuldotha Phoenix is a threat the opponent can't answer without Dissipate, since no one is really running artifact removal at the moment. Other cards that can be good in this type of deck include Pillar of Flame against Zombies and Strangleroot Geist, different cards at the top of the curve like Inferno Titan, Myr Battlesphere, or Thundermaw Hellkite, more/different sweepers like Whipflare and Bonfire of the Damned, or other card advantage/selection engines like Faithless Looting (and discarding Kuldotha Phoenix to Faithless Looting is pretty sweet!).

I'm gonna give this deck a spin until M13 release events fire up on MTG Online. If you've got suggestions for the deck, leave them in the comments or Tweet them at me @StillHadThese!